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3 Effective Ab Work Outs To Get The Ideal Six Pack!

Ab work outs are among the most popular areas of exercise.  That’s because the abdominal region is the biggest area of concern for most people. 

It’s quite common to gain weight around your belly quicker and, in most cases, that is the hardest area to lose weight.  The upshot is many people seeking the secret to a classic six-pack abdomen.

What most people don’t realize is that the secret does not actually lie in doing thousands of sit-ups or crunches. 

That’s the common mistake that is made in putting together a work out to target the midsection.  While those types of exercises will certainly work the abdominal muscles, they themselves will not actually produce the flat stomach you’re longing for. 

The Key To Achieving Your Six Pack.

The key to achieving a six-pack is understanding exactly how the body is made up.  The ‘six pack’ of abdominal muscles that people long for naturally exists in every human body. 

The problem is that for most of us, those abdominal muscles become lost under a layer of fat.  Ab work outs, then, have to focus on reducing that fat just as much as toning the muscles themselves.

An effective work out begins with eating right.  A well-balanced diet, low in fat and high in protein, will enable you to burn calories more efficiently, thus replacing excess fat with lean muscle mass.  

At the same time, you need to work out the entire body with a mix of strength training and interval training.  This will help keep all of your muscles fit and supporting each other.

Once you’ve put that basic foundation in place, then you can focus on strengthening your core.  This doesn’t mean just doing crunches and sit-ups, however. 

3 Ab Work Outs To Get You Started

1. Effective ab work outs involve a number of exercises that work the stomach, hips and lower back.  Among these are leg pulls, where you lay on the ground and bring your knees toward your body and out again without touching the ground.

2. Another good ab exercise is the circle crunch.  This takes traditional crunches to another level by starting from a lying down position, and then slowly sitting up and moving to the left, then to the right and lying back down again. 

You can do something similar from a sitting position, keeping your hands in front of you and twisting first to the left, then to right, touching the ground beside you on each side.

3. To ramp up your ab work outs even more, you can add a medicine ball.  Lie on the ground with your knees bent and put the medicine ball between your legs. 

Slowly lower your knees to the left side, then the right.  The key to any of these exercises is moving slowly and doing small sets of controlled reps, which will give your abs a more comprehensive workout than just doing high numbers of reps.

You can get that six-pack you’ve always wanted but you shouldn’t go overboard trying to achieve it. 

When it comes to attaining the perfect abs, slow and steady wins the race.  It’s not just about toning up; it’s about slimming down and becoming attuned to your body.  That’s the real secret to a trim stomach. 

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