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Activated Charcoal Mask: How To Make Your Own To Use Or To Sell.

Try this activated charcoal mask that consists of a simple  starter recipe that is meant to be washed off (not peeled off).

You can try different variations of this recipe for either normal skin or acne-prone skin by switching up the ingredients a bit.

You will need:

2 capsules of activated charcoal

2 teaspoons of Aloe Vera gel

1 squirt of rosewater

2 drops of lavender essential oil for normal skin (or 2 drops of tea tree oil for acne-prone skin)

A container for the mask

This recipe creates a single mask; you may want to just create one to test the recipe for yourself.

Once you’re confident in the product, you’ll need to increase the quantities of each ingredient to make larger batches that fill larger containers.

Start by opening up the activated charcoal capsules and pouring them into a bowl.

Then, add the Aloe Vera gel, the rosewater, and the oil. Blend the ingredients together until everything is smooth; you shouldn’t have any lumps.

Now you’re done! Pour the mixture into your container(s) and add a label that explains how to use the product.

Users should apply it to their faces for ten to twenty minutes and wash it off with warm water. Then, simply pat off the excess water with a towel.

This recipe is pretty simple and easy to make, but you maybe you should do a little more research to find other ways to make more mixtures that are a little more challenging and can command a higher price if you decide to sell your own.

Peel-off masks are hot and trendy right now, so when you master this scrub mask, consider branching out the peel-off type as also.

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