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5 Amazing  Activated Charcoal Benefits For Beauty & Health.

What is activated charcoal and how do you use it? The use of this ingredient is a fantastic natural solution to help your skin and body combat the negative effects of the increasing pollution in our food water and air.

Like many of the products I like, it is very ancient. It has been in use since the 19th century.

This natural substance is widely accepted and used in beauty & health products across the globe because of its many healthy benefits.

How Is Activated Charcoal Made?

This element is a  product of carbon extracted from natural sources like bamboo, coconut husk, willow peat, and  wood.

It is created by a process called physical activation by which  it is combined with various gas and is exposed to a high temperatures.

This natural product is added in many products ranging from medicine to beauty products and is safe to be used externally  as well as internal consumption. 

Let's see how it's used and how it benefits  you the consumer. 

1. Activated charcoal has a high absorption rate that's why it's used in the purification of water and detoxification of toxic bodily fluids.

Because of it's porous nature, it is excellent for trapping and removing pesticides, fluoride and other harmful substances from your drinking water.

That's great because we all know how important clean drinking water is to a healthy body and glowing skin right?

2. This powerful natural ingredient has now also been used in many beauty products like facial cleansers and masks as it removes blackheads, acne, pimples, and dead skin cells thru exfoliation.

Regular use of beauty products which contains this ingredient will leave your skin glowing and you looking  fresh and clean.

3. It comes in different forms in the market place and can be taken internally to wash away any viruses, parasites or any heavy metals or toxic chemicals that might be building up inside you internally.

It is better to go for capsules containing activated carbon for intake as they're safe for your body.

4. Got yellow or stained teeth? This natural wonder also helps in keeping your teeth glistening white.

If you use toothpaste containing charcoal it will remove stains and plaque from your teeth, keep your breath fresh, and your teeth stain free.  

5. Activated charcoal is used in different forms of skin care. It comes in products like deodorant, face cream, soaps, and gels.

When deodorant containing charcoal is applied directly to the armpit, it will catch small microbes which produce the sweating smell, to rid you of any bad body odor.

So as you can see, the beauty & health industry has many uses for activated charcoal.

From skin care products like face masks, body washes and scrubs, to internal detoxification, these type of products containing this remarkable natural element will leave your skin glowing and you feeling good from head to toe.

Oh, one more thing, it also helps in preventing damage at the cellular level to prevent premature aging. We could all use a little help holding off old father time right? Happy shopping!

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