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African Black Soap: Nature's Secret To Help Heal Dry Skin. 

African black soap is probably one of best-kept secrets of the natural health care world. 

Though it has been made and used for generations throughout parts of Africa, is not as well known in other parts of the world and can easily be overlooked when seeking solutions for natural skin care. 

But there is probably no better choice for your skin than this natural wonder.

This unique soap is made from a combination of ash from dried and roasted plants such as plantain, palm tree leaves, Shea tree bark and cocoa pods. 

These charred ingredients are what give the soap its tar-like appearance.  While it may not be the most attractive health and beauty product (especially after it gets wet), it is by far one of the most effective.

While each ingredient used has its own healing properties, it is the plantains and Shea butter that provide the most benefits. 

Rich in Vitamins A and E and iron, plantain has tremendous antioxidant properties that help to rid the skin of built up toxins from exposure to pollutants. 

Shea butter is a natural emollient with protective benefits.  Since African black soap contains a higher percentage of Shea butter than any other soap, it can actually provide UV protection.

Nubian Heritage Black Soap Body Wash

Used in liquid or solid form, this amazing product can help to soothe and heal damaged skin, diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and even the rash associated with eczema. 

Since it contains plant-based oils such as palm, coconut and palm kernel, it also provides a natural source of moisture that makes it an effective healing agent for extremely dry skin.

African black soap works on oily skin too!

Amazingly, black soap works equally well on oily skin, helping to reduce the effects of acne outbreaks. 

It can even be used as a gentle way to remove makeup without damaging the skin.  And because of its extraordinary benefits, it works equally well as a shampoo when worked into a good lather.

Great for all skin types even sensitive babies!

Because it is made entirely from organic ingredients, it is the perfect solution for all types of skin, including sensitive skin. 

This is a product that can safely be used on anyone from babies to the elderly without fear of the side effects that are caused by most commercial products. 

Whether you’ve got dry, oily or in-between skin, this is a product you can use with confidence.

Though it is made primarily in West Africa, African black soap is now widely available around the world. 

There are several companies currently selling a version of the soap and you can find it here online in my beauty shop store. 

Look around my store as different brands can have different textures or smells, but you are bound to find one that works for you. Nubian Heritage brand is my absolute favorite so far!

If you’ve got hard to treat skin and you’re leery of the harsh chemicals found in most popular skin care products, then consider using nature’s hidden wonder. 

Your skin will thank you for it and you’ll love the results.  Thousands of satisfied customers can’t be wrong.  Trust African black soap to give you the natural healing your skin deserves.

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