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Some Beauty Products Online Contain These 3 Toxic Ingredients.

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Do you buy beauty products online? Well, it's impotant to take precaution to read the ingredients! Because most of today's beauty products contain cheap, and toxic ingredients.

Im Darron from Darrons Beauty where I promote the business of beauty, health and Style! Today I'm going to expose my top 3 toxic ingredients found in popular beauty products online. Some of you might be surprised so lets get stated, and number one on the list is.....


I know it's one of your all time favorites, most manufacturers promote this product as a skin moisturizer, healing agent, and skin protection, but beware my friends.

I know many people that will disagree with me and say that it works for them, and mama used to use on them when they were a kid, and it's used in medical products, and so on, but here's what you have to keep in mind...

1.  Just because it works (or so you think) doesn't mean its good for you.

2. Just because those angencies approve this and many other toxic chemicals  used in your cosmetic and personal care products, doesn't mean that they won't cause you any harm in the long run. 

You know how the story goes,  its always 5 , 10, 15 years later when they come back and say, "if you were exposed to  this chemical", it  is now considered dangerous and it could be linked to this or it could be linked to that, right?

In my opinion, it seems that when it comes to different chemicals used to make beauty, household, and personal care products, they will approve anything that doesn't get you sick right away. 

And you wounder how women develop fibroids, cancers, and other dangerous diseases.

And by the way, I do see those T.V. ads where those attorney's are doing what I call  "exploiting a loophole" in our industry by tying to scare you into believing that all relxers are causing women of color to develope tumors and fibroids. 

I don’t think so, I refuse to let relaxers take the blame, because we have to  take a deeper look back at all those toxic chemicals in your personal care products  you’ve been exposed to since you were a kid. (I will deal with that topic in another article, stay tuned!)

Now let's take a look at

How These Toxic Chemicals Slowly Harm Our Bodies

skin diagram

Once these toxins enter the blood stream they can cause multiple health problems from being exposed to them on a daily basis by your soaps, your lotions, lipsticks, toothpaste and I can go on.

I know petroleum jelly has been used for dry cracked feet, skin moisturizer, and hair maintenance. (and if you still putting it in your hair shame on you because now we are smarter, we are more aware, and I'm here to make sure you know better!)

We now know that this extremely popular mineral oil is a by product of petroleum.

So What's So Bad About These Ingredients?

African Americans have been using products like Royal Crown, Blue Magic, and Queen Bergamont since we were kids right?

mineral oils

I know I did. My nightly routine consisted of slapping some Royal Crown hair grease and water in my hair, brush it back, sleep with my stocking cap onand the next day, my waves would be popping! I just knew I was the man!

But now today, we know much better, because now we know petroleum comes in two grades, lightweight and heavy. The lightweight version is cheap, colorless, and odorless and can be produced in large quantities and its found in a lot of cheap beauty products online, and some of the expensive ones too!

They're in everything from cosmetics, to baby lotions, to ointments and facial creams.

Low Grade Petrolatum And Mineral Oils Are Bad Because:

  •  They are comedogenic, (meaning they clogs your pores) 
  •  They block your hair follicles which
  •  prevents or slows down hair growth
  •  It makes the scalp dry and dirty

Not All Beauty Products Online Are Not Bad, Some Contain Highly Refined Mineral Oils...

For the record, let me just say, there has been a study conducted by the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology back in 2005. 

It discovered that highly refined and purified mineral oils, the kind that's found in high end skin care and cosmetic products is noncomedogenic (will not clog the pores). It's important to  do your research and read the labels on your products. 

As I've said before even some of the top name salon grade beauty products online contain low quality mineral oil. 

So how do you avoid these toxins?

Try to use 100% pure, certified all natural products, like cruelty free, & organic skincare products and make up because most manufacturers are not using highly refined mineral oils to make the majority of their beauty, personal care, and hair products. Especially African American hair care products.


sodium laurel

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), also known as sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES).

SLS is a harsh, toxic industrial grade detergent that scientists from around the world have been studying and trying to warn beauty product manufacturers about for years.

Many foreign countries around the world have become very health conscious and ban the use of this and other toxic chemicals, but the United States does not, so again make sure you read the ingredients.

Scientific research has linked this very common, but harmful chemical to many skin and health disorders such as:

  • cancer
  • premature balding
  • contact dermatitis
  • eczema  
  • dandruff

and others, too many to name in this article!

This chemical is considered dangerous because it can be absorbed thru the skin and cause cell and tissue damage to organs like the liver, brain, and other vital organs.

SLS by itself is toxic and a known skin irritant. When researchers do skin experiments and they need to create a condition where the skin needs to be irritated they use SLS to induce it.

No wonder your scalp is dry, flaky, and your hair is frizzy after you use certain products that contain these chemicals! And now last but not least to close out the list is...


proplene glycol

Propylene glycol (PG) to my surprise is just as toxic or even worse than SLS. This chemical is found in a variety hair and beauty products online such as make up, face creams and cleansers.

It is also used in the industrial world to melt the ice on airplanes on those cold snowy days. It's used to make antifreeze and brake fluid just to name a few (wow!)

Beauty product manufacturers use it in their cosmetics as carrier vehicle and a solvent.

Propylene glycol is also a harsh skin irritant that has been known to: 

  • cause dry skin
  • trigger allergies
  • stop skin cell growth (kill skin cells)
  • induce seizures
  • cause heart attacks
  • cause premature skin aging

Again, the big companies who sell beauty products online know the adverse health effects of these chemicals. They continue to use them because they are cheap and abundant.

With big business, it's all about the money and not your health. So always remember to read the labels on the products you buy!

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