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Beauty School: 6 Things To Do After You Get Licensed.

Done with beauty school and trying to decide which career path to take?

You now have the power to be your own boss, make as much money or more as the average college graduate, and do what you love to do.

Well owning a beauty salon may be what you are searching for. You say you don't want to do hair? Guess what? That's all good too, because hair styling salons are not the only businesses in this field.

There are also nail salons, day spas and other options for cosmetologists. From publishing, cosmetic chemist, make up artist, to hair colorist. Their are many lucrative and rewarding paths you can take.

Work With A Mentor Or Seasoned Stylist

Any number of steps could follow your beauty school training and licensing. You might need to work in a salon for a while to get experience or possibly to save money.

Open Your Own Salon.

Not all spa owners are licensed cosmetologists but most people find it easier to manage a company they understand.That is another good reason you should first work with a mentor in the business.

Location, Location, Location!

When you are ready, you will need to choose a location. It’s not always necessary to choose a busy location near a big city.

Check Out The Competition 

Competition is something to consider when you are choosing a location. If there is another hairdresser right down the street, there might not be enough customers in the area to support both businesses.

Some businesses do really well in small towns (or the other side of town) where there is little or no competition.

The One Thing Beauty School Does Not Teach You How To Do But Should.

That one thing is a salon business plan. This is the best time time to develop your business plan.

The plan is used as a guideline for you to follow and will be essential for obtaining a loan or a line of credit through your local bank.

The plans typically include information about the competition, the amount of money it will take to start up and the amount it will take to carry you through the first year.

Your marketing strategy can also be included in the plan. Some would-be entrepreneurs become intimidated at the thought of writing a business plan and sadly never follow through with their dreams.

There are numerous resources available to help you create a personal or salon business plan. 

The Small Business Administration can also be a helpful resource.Other Factors To Consider when you choose cosmetology for a career training program

Other Things To Consider

Renting a space, buying equipment, finding a source for beauty products and hiring employees are among the other things you will need to consider during the planning stage.

Some hairdressers and beauty specialists who already have a following start out in their homes to save money.Even if you start out in your home, you will probably need to obtain a business license.

Most municipalities require licensing before you go into operation. Check with your local government offices to find out about other requirements before you see your first client.

Starting a business right after beauty school might sound complicated. But most owners feel that it was well worth the effort to fulfill their dreams.

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