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Black Seed Oil Is Good For Your Health, But Great For Your Hair!

Black seed oil is a general health supplement that may also benefit your hair. You might say it’s a multi-purpose product! Here on this page, you can learn all about it. Let’s start with a quick description.

The black seeds come from a plant called nigella sativa. If you see a supplement that does not list the active ingredient as nigella sativa, then you probably won’t get the same benefits mentioned here.

The seeds can be ground and taken in capsule form. They are also used for flavoring foods, including breads, cheeses and desserts. 

The oils derived from the seeds may be virgin, organic and cold-pressed, but not all of the brands on the market are like that. If there is no mention of the words virgin, organic or cold-pressed, you can assume that the seeds were grown using traditional non-organic methods and that the oils were extracted using high heat and chemicals.

Heat and chemical extraction cause the formation of free radicals in the oils, which counteracts any health benefit.

The Health Benefits Of Black Seed Oil 

The benefits of the ground seeds and the black seed oil may be different. The seeds contain a number of nutraceuticals: nutrients with medicinal qualities.

Studies suggest that the nutraceuticals in the seeds may benefit blood pressure, cholesterol levels and immune system strength. The seeds were used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of infections and health problems.

The nutrients found in the oils are essential fatty acids. The fatty acids are primarily heart-healthy omega-3s. Increased omega-3 intake is thought to help reduce inflammation in the body, help to prevent blood clots and stimulate immune system strength. So while different, the benefits of the seeds and the oils are similar.

Why Black Seed Oil Is Great For Hair

When it comes to your hair, black seed oil can be taken to stimulate growth, prevent hair loss due to certain infections or medications and repair damaged hair.

The fatty acids are similar to those produced by the skin, which means the oils can be applied directly to your skin and hair to act as a moisturizer. 

Pay attention if you are pregnant! Important fact for if you to know.

If you happen to be pregnant or you hope to become pregnant, you should avoid the seeds. They have been used historically for birth control purposes. Large amounts of the oils may also interfere with pregnancy.

Applying the oils to the hair or skin presents no pregnancy risk. 

All right beauty shoppers, I hope I gave you a good summary of the benefits of black seed oil for your health and your hair. If you want to improve either or both, just be sure to choose a good supplement and not the fake ones. 

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