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The Hair Type Chart & Products Needed To Care For Your Texture.

Sometimes A hair type chart can be as confusing as Chinese arithmetic. 4A, 3B, 1C, all these different classifications for hair typing can make your head spin.

Things get confusing because everyone does not fit into the standard Andre Walker hair typing system. You could have fine hair, coarse hair, or a combination of all three like me.

I have coarse hair in my nape area, I have straight, wavy and curly in the top, and fine hair on the sides.

Straight hair (type 1A-C)

Straight hair has no shape or pattern it hangs flat against the head, and can vary in texture from fine to coarse. Most women with straight hair usually want  texture and volume.

Wavy Hair (Type 2A-C)

Wavy hair is identified the loose S pattern, also lays close to the head with bouncy loose waves and curls

Curly Hair (Type 3A-C)

Curly hair is springy, loopy with a strong S pattern. It can  also range in texture from fine to coarse.

Kinky Hair (Type 4A-C)

Kinky hair is tightly coiled and  zig-zag pattern. It can be spongy, fine, or thick, soft, coarse and wiry. It usually requires extreme moisturization to keep it soft,  easy to care for, and to help bring out your natural curl pattern.

The Hair Type Chart, Myths About Race, And Hair Textures Explained. 

Let's clear up this popular misconception that race determines a persons hair type. The truth of the matter is, (drum roll please...)

A person can have straight, wavy or curly hair no matter what race they are.

You see, hair can take on three different shapes. As your hair grows out from your scalp, it takes on the size, shape, and curve of the hair follicle.

  • straight hair is usually round
  • wavy hair is oval shaped
  • curly hair is flat shaped.

      The Simplified Hair Chart Type

                               How to care for your texture

         Fine Hair

  Combination Hair

      Coarse Hair

Fine hair should be maintained with light moisturizing oils like coconut oil.

Since fine hair is thinner and flatter, use organic shampoo that helps build body and stimulate the scalp to encourage growth try Avalon Organics Thickening Shampoo

Use conditioners with wheat protein and other nutrients that help to strengthen hair strands & boost volume so hair feels thicker and softer. Try Avalon Organics Thickening Conditioner

Combination hair needs medium coating oils like 100% pure Jojoba oil.

Since this hair type has hair from all categories, use a natural shampoo that nourishes and repairs damaged hair. Try  Nubian Heritage EVOO and Moringa Repair & Extend Shampoo

Use a conditioner that can deeply moisturize,  naturally strengthen, & protect from damaging free radicals try Nubian Heritage EVOO And Moringa Repair And Extend Conditioner

Coarse hair needs thick coating butters and oils like shea butter.

Since coarse hair is naturally dry, wiry, and fragile, use organic shampoo  to soothe dry damaged hair, control frizz, and add sheen. Try our Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo

Use conditioners that can deeply  moisturize, detangle, protect against split ends, & get rid of frizz try Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner

The L.O.I.S. Hair Type System

For the people who don't quite fit into the standard number and letter system, we have the Lois hair typing system. To learn more about that, you can do a google search for more details. 

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