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Short Black Hair Styles And How To Choose The Best Cut.

Short black hair styles can run the gamut from sleek and sexy to curly and sassy.   You just need to find something that works for your face, your skin coloring and your hair type.  

With the right cut and the proper styling techniques, anyone can rock a classic short look.

When most people think of African American hairstyles, they tend to lean toward the classic afro or the long, luxurious waves that can be achieved through weaves. 

But there is more to style for women of color than just a couple of old standards. No matter what your natural hair texture may be, you can change up your look dramatically with a shorter do.

Short Black Hair Styles With Weave

And before you cringe at the idea of paying hundreds of dollars for a cut and color that you may end up not liking, breathe easier.  In fact, many short black hair styles can be achieved with weaves, to take the stress out of experimentation.

You can try out that look new look without spending a fortune and without touching your natural hair so that if you aren't pleased with the end result, you can revert right back to your original look or try something else.

So what kinds of styles are possible for African American women?  If you've seen pictures of celebrities like Rihanna and Halle Berry, you know that short hair is very much possible and can look sexy and chic.  

The angular, sculpted looks sported by these famous women take shorter styles to a whole new level but they may not be for everyone.

Obviously, before you decide to try some short black hair styles, you should consult with your stylist.  He or she will be better suited to advise you on what looks would work for you and which wouldn't.

You could go with a classic bob or cut even closer to the scalp for a truly dramatic look.  The texture of African American hair can lend itself toward some cuts and shaping that won't work on other hair.

The Short Controlled Afro

If a bob isn't your thing, you could go for a tighter, more controlled version of an afro.  

This can be quick and easy to care for, making it a particularly good choice for the summer.  Or if you're looking to ditch the curls, a short cut can make the straightening process a lot easier on you. 

From shoulder length to micro cut, you can find short black hair styles in fashion magazines and online to give you an idea of where you want to go with your look.  

Consider all of the possibilities and remember to take your skin tone, hair texture and facial shape into consideration to find something that is flattering and fun.

There are plenty of possibilities out there for women of color, so don't hesitate to explore your options.  With the right style, you can look like a rock star without spending like one.  So dare to go short and discover a whole new look!

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