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Wooden Watches: Why Wood Is The Material To Watch.

Wooden watches are the latest trend, growing in popularity every day.  Obviously, the look of a handcrafted wooden timepiece is extremely cool, but there is more behind this trend than simply looks.  Wood is all about character, responsibility and making a statement, so what’s not to love?

Zebra Wood Watch

One of the things that makes wood stand out so much is its ability to withstand the elements.  From a purely functional standpoint, it is much sturdier than metal, which can rust or wear out over time or even some plastics, which can chip or crack. 

Wood is solid, weather resistant and not subject to climate changes.  Your watch will go right on ticking for years to come, which is something more traditional watches can’t always promise.

But it’s more than just durability.  Wooden watches also stand out because they are literally unique.  No two pieces of wood are the same and so each watch is completely unique, taking on the special characteristics of the particular piece of wood that it is made from.

Also, creating watches from wood requires handcrafting, which only adds to the uniqueness as no two are produced exactly the same way.  It’s like having your own work of art!

And not only does the wood used in these watches start out differently, it will continue to be one of a kind throughout its life as it picks up the natural oils of your skin and takes on a sheen and a look all its own.

Unlike traditional metal watches that break down over time, these timepieces actually become even more beautiful, changing in color and texture and acquiring their own personality…your own personality.

So choosing wooden watches shows how much you appreciate true craftsmanship and true quality, but you may not have realized that it can also reflect your responsible approach to caring for our environment.

That’s right…your watch can tell more than just the time; it can tell everyone that you are someone who cares about this planet and wants to make a difference.

How is this possible?  Well first off, wood is a renewable resource that grows naturally, which makes it a perfect, eco-friendly choice. 

Also, it not only has an extremely low carbon footprint, it also absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, helping to remove toxic chemicals and improve the quality of the air you breathe.  All of which makes wood the truly organic, earth-wise way to go.  

Now you can begin to understand why there is so much more to choosing wooden watches than just telling the time.  With the beauty and simplicity of wood, you can make a real statement. 

And best of all, unlike flashy metal or glossy plastic, the warmth of wood can go with pretty much any outfit for any occasion so your watch will never go out of style!

Don’t buy just any old watch when you can get a quality, handcrafted timepiece that truly stands out from the rest. 

The beauty of nature combined with the skill of craftsmen and the unique tempering of the wood over time will result in a one of a kind piece that will last for years.  That’s what makes wood the trendy material to watch!