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 Workout Clothes: How To Choose The Best Gear.

Work out clothes are not as unimportant as you might think. Getting the proper workout involves being able to move your body comfortably and that means not being restrained or hindered by your clothes. 

Simply put, clothes should enhance a workout, not detract from it.  If you’re not comfortable while you’re exercising, it will just give you another excuse to quit.

There are many different styles of workout gear to choose from and you need to take several factors into consideration before you start stocking that gym bag. 

Beyond the obvious personal taste, you also need to think about what kind of exercise you’ll be engaging in and make sure the clothes you select are appropriate for that type of exercise.

In most cases, you want to choose work out clothes that are properly fit to your specific shape and size. 

Something that is too loose and baggy could get in your way or trip you up, while something too tight could be constraining and uncomfortable. 

You want clothes that are tight enough so that you don’t have excess material flapping around but not too tight that you can’t breathe or your body can’t move through the exercises easily.

Choose Cotton For Your Work Out Clothes.

The general rule of thumb for exercise clothing is to go with cotton or other natural fibers. 

Cotton allows the body to breathe and can also help to wick away sweat, both of which are extremely important comfort factors. 

When you exercise, you’ll sweat more than you do during your normal daily activity so your exercise clothing has to be able to handle those conditions.

Of course, certain activities will require specialized work out clothes.  For instance, if you are swimming for exercise you’ll need a good, durable bathing suit. 

Unlike the showier styles that you see at the beach, bathing suits for serious swimming should be streamlined to allow for minimized resistance in the water. 

You’ll also want a bathing cap and a pair of goggles to streamline your stroke even more.

Shoes With Good Support Are Very Important.

One of the most important pieces of clothing for any kind of land-based exercise is your shoes. 

Getting the most out of your exercise routine means assuring that your body has the best possible support and that starts with the right shoes. 

There are different styles of shoes designed for running, walking and other forms of exercise, so choose was suits your routine best.

For mixed routines, cross trainers will probably be your best bet. The running shoe pictured below is good quality and super comfortable example.

When considering work out clothes, women should pay special attention to choosing an exercise or sport bra. 

It is extremely important that the breasts be properly supported while you are engaging in increased levels of activity in order to prevent injury. 

Choose a bra that provides support and stability without restraining you too much, and again make sure you select a fabric that will allow your skin to breathe and sweat to be absorbed or wicked away.

You want to get the most out of your workout and that means making sure that you aren’t being distracted by uncomfortable clothes. 

So take a few extra moments to choose exercise clothes that will enhance your workout. That way, when it comes to working out, you’ll be dressed for success!

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