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  10 Beauty Shop Commandments You Must Follow To Win!

Darron's Beauty Shop At The Comfort Zone Hair SalonDarron's Beauty Shop At The Comfort Zone Hair Salon

I've been in the beauty & hair care business since clients were requesting French Rolls and Care Free Curls! Yes, that's a long time!

In my day, I've seen many hairstylists rise to rockstar status, hit their peak and slowly fade away into the sunset (for various reasons), ending up broke and "burnt out".

Unfortunately, that time will  come, (hopefully not the broke part) for all stylist at some point in your career if you stay in this business long enough.

Why You Should Follow These Beauty Shop Commandments.

Well, hairstyling is a business where the longer you stay in it, the more your income will slowly decline due to various reasons which I will be discussing in later in this article.

Further more, I know first hand what it's like to spend years building a successful business as a hairstylist, and to  loose everything  you've spent years working hard for because of  an accident or other things beyond your control, like a pandemic!

Me and Madison FractureThis is me and my daughter after I fractured my wrist from a fall while playing with her. I couldn't work for months, we look happy here but believe me, those where some very stressful and challenging days!

I know that sounds sad and scary, but it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. If you plan ahead or plan your exit strategy to transition into another less physically demanding sector of the beauty business, you can continue to prosper!

That's where Darron's Beauty Shop brings value to you,  the beauty enthusiast, the aspiring business owner, and the motivated entrepreneur looking to succeed!

After all it’s a multi billion dollar a year industry and with the creation of "social media", there is lot's of money out there to be made beautifying the world. The sky's the limit! So Let's go! I'm here to help.

Just stay focused, follow our 10 Beauty Shop Commandments below and  join our newsletter for the latest trends, updates, giveaways, more!

Beauty Shop Commandment #1

Create Your Business Plan!

business plan

Create your business plan! Creating a business plan is not as hard as you think. Please do not skip this step. Why? Just think about it.

If you were going to take a long road trip across the country you would need to plan it right? The Same should be taken into consideration when starting, running, and planning your business.

Beauty Shop Commandment #2

Pay Yourself First!

This is something I learned from an old school beauty beauty product salesman back in the day. I just didn't stay disciplined enough to practice it more than I practiced spending!

Before you pay anyone, always pay yourself first! This will get you used to moving money into your savings account which will keep you from spending on everyday expenses.

It will also get you in the habit of creating savings that's going to add up over time so you will always be ready for those unexpected expenses.

Beauty Shop Commandment #3

Learn To Live Below Your Means


Just because you can afford a Mercedes or Lexus doesn’t mean you should buy it. I had to learn that the hard way. Now I drive this Hyundai Sonata that looks like a Lexus and I invest the difference between a Hyundai payment and Mercedes payment in a decent performing retirement plan.

Beauty Shop Commandment #4

Get An Accountant


This is one thing that most young stylist and beauty shop entrepreneurs who are just starting out try to avoid, but it is a must! Don’t be afraid to pay your taxes. Find a account that has experience working with beauty professionals.

Also make sure they know the tax codes of the IRS, State Revenue, and Social Security, trust me, it will save you time, money, and plenty of headaches down the road.

Beauty Shop Commandment #5

Incorporate Your Business.

Darron Hardmon Inc

After you find your accountant, tell them to get your business incorporated. This will protect your assets, home, bank accounts, retirement accounts and other personal property in case you get sued, they can’t get your assets and you’ll also save on taxes!

Beauty Shop Commandment #6

Do Daily/Weekly Bookkeeping.

beauty shop bookeeperBeauty Shop Bookkeeper

Know where your money is going at all times. Back in the day I used to do this with the ole pencil and note pad. Today it’s much easier to use some sort of personal bookkeeping software like Quicken. Nothing like being able to produce a profit and loss statement at the push of a button.

Beauty Shop Commandment #7

    Advertise & Promote Your Brand And Products!

advertise your product

Why? Because if want to be successful, your business must grow. You grow your business by marketing, advertising, and by expanding your products and services online.

You should be scheduling at least 2 hours a week for marketing. These things help keep your business running and growing steadily.

Beauty Shop Commandment #8

Keep Physically Fit

workout routines squatBeautify Your Body With Physical Fitness Exercise Routines

Now what does that have to do with creating wealth you ask? If you don’t have your health you won’t be able to work and get the wealth.

To be a successful cosmetology entrepreneur, you must work harder and longer than most people who work a 9 to 5.

Work in the beauty shop can be very physically demanding lots of standing on your feet bending your back and doing repetitive motions with your fingers and arms. You Must preserve or maintain your health physically.

So be sure to check out the health and fitness section where you will find lots of tips for lowering stress, building your self esteem, and relaxing massage techniques that make you feel like new money.

Plus, plenty of fabulous beauty recipes, weight loss help, exercises, motivation, and more advice to help you reach your absolutely most beautiful and prosperous self.

Beauty Shop Commandment #9

Learn How To Invest In The Markets

Stock chart guy

Why learn how to invest in the markets? Well at some point during your awesome career, you are going to experience aging and burn out.

You’re going to be ready to hang up the ole curling irons and blow dryer for good or possibly seek and exit strategy due to physical decline or burn out.

So in order to make sure you can stop working or cut back, but continue to live your current lifestyle or better, you will need to sit down with a professional planner or a mentor who can help you get a plan in place to make your hard earned money work for you by investing, the sooner the better!

Beauty Shop Commandment #10

Treat People With Kindness And Always Over Deliver!

Beauty Professionals Always Over Deliver!

A professional in the barber and beauty industry must always take heed to the fact that people see you as a expert in your in your field.

So be sure to give all clients the number one thing you have to offer, and that is superior service with a smile. Always over deliver, try to give the client more than what they expect.

 Let's Run Your Business Don't Let It Run You, So You Won't Be Broke By Age 62!

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