Darron's Beauty Shop.com: 9 Reasons To Love It!

Welcome to Darron's Beauty Shop.Com. The site that's into helping you bring out your inner beauty, maintaining good health, and creating wealth from the beauty business. 

Here's 9 Reasons People Love Darron's Beauty Shop.com

1. Professional Hair Stylists. This means you will receive top notch services and advice for your hair & body from a licensed & skilled professional stylist. 

2. 1 on 1 Consultation. Like your family doctor who consults you on your physical health, I do the same thing for your hair when you visit my salon.

We will make a plan that will promote healthy hair, skin, and deliver value to insure you have excellent service.

3. Enjoy an Adult atmosphere: We try to adhere to a no children policy. No children allowed unless the child is being serviced.

4. Get A Scalp Soothing And Massaging Shampoo for increased circulation to promote healthy hair & scalp people always say "girl the best part of the salon visit is the shampoo!"

5. Minimal Wait Time. No lines no waiting is my motto. Be seated in my chair for your appointment within 15 minutes of your appointment time or you will win a free gift certificate for salon services or products.

6. We Use Black Hair Care Products. Black hair is strong, but it's also fragile. So I make sure I use a variety of black hair care products that are specifically designed for black hair care textures.

Mizani Relaxer

7. Discover Beauty Tips For Men. Beauty tips for men you ask? That's right! Men need to stay on top of their grooming game and I've got the perfect tips to help take your handsome to the next level.

8. Discover Natural Beauty Products Online. Get educated on, and shop for natural beauty products online. Why? Because a lot of your favorite beauty products and cosmetics contain tons of dangerous toxins that you ingest into your body everyday and some are making you sick and you don't even know it! 

9. Get Tips For Your Business,  in the beauty shop business school of hard knocks, I've made plenty of mistakes, now I can teach you and other aspiring entrepreneurs how to avoid them and create wealth from the beauty business here.

What else can you find on this site?

You can also find some of my best beauty treatment tips that help you look and feel like a million bucks, so we can go and make a million!

What people say about Darron's Beauty Shop.......

"I appreciate the benefit of knowing that my hair is being well taken care of and on top of all that, I'm in and out in a timely manner." - Janis

 I've been a weekly client of Darron's  for 20 years because he takes pride in his work, he is very concerned about keeping your hair healthy, and most of all, he's flexible and on time for your appointment."  - Rhonda

"Love, Love,Love, Darron's Beauty Shop. While on meds and dealing with hormonal changes, my hair started thinning.

Darron patiently  worked with me to find products gentle enough for my hair during that time. He also researched vitamins and organic products I could use at home to help regain my fullness after the problem was identified." - Emily

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