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   Beauty Shop Life, How A Wrist Injury         Almost  Put  Me Out Of Business!

Hi, I'm Darron Hardmon licensed cosmetologist. I've been in the black hair care business since tall French Rolls, and Care Free Curls where the hot styles of the day. That basically  means I've been in the hairstyling & black beauty shop business for a long time!

Like many  self employed hairstylists, I had my time when I was in high demand, overworked, and overbooked. A major player in the game,(at least I thought so), working hard, and playing harder! I loved competing in hair battles and different competitions.

Not to mention attending the Bronner Brothers Hair shows in Atlanta back in the day was so much fun for black hairstylists and beauty shop owners! Those where the good ole days. These days I'm not a big time player behind the chair, I've transitioned to be more like your online beauty shop business coach.

Most of my time is spent educating, advising, and consulting my fellow small business owners on how to grow and protect your most valuable resource, which is not your business, but YOU and your physical ability to make that money!

                                             Why I created This Site 

Over the years I’ve Made Plenty Of Mistakes In This Business, now I am happy to share How To Avoid Them so you can learn how to Think and Grow rich from your beauty shop, barber, or any small business!

Being young, eager and inexperienced new business owner, one of the biggest mistakes I made was not preparing for the unexpected. Sometimes we business owners get so busy in the day to day operations of running the business, and getting the kids to school & soccer practice on time, that we  forget to ask the important questions like:

How would I keep bringing in money if I had a serious injury or got sick and couldn't work for 2, 3, months or up to a year? How would I maintain my family's lifestyle, or  keep my business going?

Mistake # 2 Not giving this a second thought until it actually happened to me , but then it was too late.

Take for instance, my story. One day while ridding one those razors (I call them skateboards with handle bars) with my daughter, I fell and  fractured my wrist and couldn't work for 3 months.

The plan was to race to the end of the driveway on the scooters and we did, but when I planted my foot to try to stop at the end of the driveway, my shoe rolled over.

Like a scene from a cartoon when someone slips on a banana peel, I went feet first dangling in the air (at least 4 feet), with my head falling back to the concrete, my natural reflexes kicked in to try and break the fall by putting my hand down behind me and BAM!

So as I sit there on my but, wrist numb & throbbing (severely embarrassed and in a lot of pain), I'm thinking it's just a little sprain, I'll be ok in a week or so, no big deal. Unfortunately the little sprain tuned out to be a fractured bone in by wrist.

I think I was more in shock because I'm thinking "nothing like this could ever happen to me, this only happens to other people. Boy was I in for a very rude awakening.

Just like that, my beauty shop cash flow was cut off. Most households operate on two incomes, and mine was no different. Imagine having to deal with the stress of one of the incomes suddenly being cut off, and not have the proper coverages in place to protect yourself, and income from your business?

We look happy on this picture but believe me I went through some really tough times. It wasn't easy trying to keep it all together.

This was just the beginning of one of  the most stressful times of my life.  Let me tell you, it's not fun to watch my hard earned emergency fund get sucked up when those bills start quickly rolling in.

Seems like the 1st of the month rolls around extra fast when you don't have a steady income.

You run out money way  before you run out of month when you have personal expenses as well as business expenses.

Then when the mortgage started doubling even tippling, I had no choice but to start dipping into my retirement fund trying desperately to keep the roof over our heads, keep the business running, and pay our personal everyday expenses like food, gas for the wife's daily commute to work, lunch money for the little girl ect.

Now imagine having to loose your house or you and your family having to move in with your parents or relatives . (Yikes!)

       The Beauty Shop & The Natural                       Hair Movement

To make matters worst, all of this was happening at a time where my revenues where already down because of the "Natural Hair Movement" that was taking place at the time. 

African American women stated embracing their natural textures and stopped using relaxers on their hair, which was great for the culture! But it wasn't great on my bank account as the relaxer service was my main product or revenue generator.

My income was suddenly cut in half. Things got so bad  that I had to eventually file for bankruptcy (that's another story I will tell you all about later).

Imagine the pressure, the stress, the embarrassment of not being able to have money to socialize with friends and family. It drove me to a point of deep depression. It was a ruff period and life learning experience to endure but I made it.

Moving forward, to help myself recover mentally, physically, and financially from this major setback, I decided to empower myself by getting trained & licensed in financial services  with the intent of

  • Protecting and preparing myself for my next business ventures
  • Helping small business owners like myself avoid the mistakes I made by helping you to change your mindset to think & grow rich from your business!

 How To Run Your Business & Not Let It Run You So You Won't Be Broke By Age 62

        Have A Passion For Your Business!

         Easy Ab Work Outs

    Keep Physically Fit & Consume Organic Foods!

To be a successful cosmetology entrepreneur, you must work harder and longer than most people who work a 9 to 5.

Work in the beauty shop can be very physically demanding lots of standing on your feet bending your back and doing repetitive motions with fingers and arms. You must preserve and maintain your health physically.

So that means exercise and what we put in our bodies is just as important as what we put on it maintain our beauty and health.

So be sure to check out the health and fitness section where you will find lots of tips on anti aging (yes, scientific evidence proves you can really reverse the signs of aging!), how to replace wretched, unhealthy foods with delicious, 

healthy recipes, weight loss help, exercises, motivation, and more! 

 Treat People With Kindness And Always Over Deliver!

A professional in the barber and beauty industry must always take heed to the fact that people see you as a expert in your in your field. So be sure to give all clients the number one thing you have to offer, and that is superior service with a smile. Always over deliver, try to give the client more than what they expect.

Stay Beautiful My Friends!

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What people say about Darron's Beauty Shop.......

"I appreciate the benefit of knowing that my hair is being well taken care of and on top of all that, I'm in and out in a timely manner." - Janis

I've been a weekly client of Darron's  for 20 years because he takes pride in his work. He is very concerned about keeping your hair healthy, and most of all, he's flexible and on time for your appointment."  - Rhonda

"Love, Love,Love, Darron's Beauty Shop. While on meds and dealing with hormonal changes, my hair started thinning.

Darron patiently  worked with me to find products gentle enough for my hair during that time. He also researched vitamins and organic products I could use at home to help regain my fullness after the problem was identified." - Emily

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