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Need A Beauty Shop Online With Your Beauty, Health, & Style In Mind?

Well, I Have Some Good News For You! You're In The Right Place! 

At Darron's Beauty Shop online we promote products that help you bring out the most important kind of beauty,  your inner beauty. With all the technical advances today, we tend to forget that true beauty starts from the inside out.

So that means what we put in our bodies is just as important as what we put on it to maintain our beauty and health.

Your body is created from elements of nature, so you should use nature to heal, beautify, and maintain it. Wouldn't you agree? Capitalism, greed, and other evil forces, have caused man to stray away from nature.

He has created medicines and food from cheap, artificial and synthetic ingredients that causes your immune system to become weak and toxic. This causes all the diseases and make our bodies &  health slowly deteriorate.

Then you go to the doctor for a cure and what do they do? They prescribe more synthetic, man made medicine (greed, capitalism) that may help calm your symptom, but cause two or three new ailments. 

One of my colleagues in the business used to always jokingly say "it's all downhill after age 40".

As a seasoned cosmetologist/hairstylist in the business for over 30 years, I have personally found that well, she was right. (I have the squeaky knees and some other things I won't mention right now, to prove it).

So on that note, my mission is to help you bring out your inner beauty & health with effective alternative &, natural products.

Don't worry it's not hard because you've found me, and it will be lots of fun! You will discover things like:

  • The best anti aging products to reverse cell damage. 
  • Healthy weight loss tips that actually work!
  • What is all the rage about CBD and  CBD Oil? What it is, what it's not, and how it can change your life for the better!
  • Unique fashion accessories, cheap fashion jewelry,  and lots of tips on how to look & feel like a million bucks without blowing your budget! This is the place to be... Come sign up to join the fun here.

Herbal Remedies & Definitions 

Diet Plans, Exercise, Low Carb Meals

I"m more than just a website, I am a real professional cosmetologist ready to serve you online & book your appointments if you live in the Jacksonville Fl area!

To start out, here are some tips on maintaining your hair and the number 1 mistake people make when searching for a beauty shop, hairstylist, or barber and how you can avoid it.

Do wrap your hair with a silk or satin scarf before going to bed each night. This keeps your hair from getting caught and splitting on your cotton pillowcase. OR always sleep on silk or satin pillowcases. (if you're rolling like that!)

Do massage your scalp frequently or get your significant other to massage it for you. Massaging the scalp increases the blood flow &  releases natural oils that are good for your hair. This is why I massage with the finger tips when I do my shampoo service.

Do use plenty of conditioner, especially if you are using chemical straighteners. A leave-in conditioner along with a shine serum will make your hair look sleek and radiant.

Do wait at least three months between relaxing your hair and coloring it unless it is a semi permanent or demi color rinse. It’s a bad idea to hit your hair with too many drying chemicals at once.

Styled By Jackie Camon

If you want to chemically relax your hair, it’s a good idea to have it done at a reputable beauty shop by a stylist who is familiar with African American hair like me! You can book your appointment or contact me here.

Don’t use too many tools, like hot combs and flat-irons that expose your hair to extreme heat. No matter how careful you are to moisturize, too much heat will cause damage, dried-out, impossible to style hair.

Don’t braid or twist your hair too tightly along the temples. This can cause a type of hair loss known as alopecia.

Don’t shampoo your hair every day. This strips the hair of natural oils and nutrients that help keep it healthy. Shampooing once every seven days is usually plenty.

Your hair can get the help it needs to stay looking its best only if you are willing to put a little time and energy into keeping it healthy by visiting this site or the beauty shop I work in. You can rest assured that you will look and feel fabulous.

Here Is The Most Common Mistake People Make When Searching For A Beauty Shop, Hairstylist, Or Barber  And How You Can Avoid It.

The Mistake Of Choosing  A Stylist Based On Their Price.

Have you heard of the saying "you get what you pay for?" I'm sure you have. Who ever said this spoke the truth. This is definitely true when choosing a hairstylist or barber.

If you want the highest degree of service, you should do business with a hairstylist or barber because of the overall value you receive, NOT because they are the cheapest price you can find.

Here's why:

Value = Quality + Service + Price

Plain and simple, no business can offer the cheapest price, have the best quality, and give the best service all at the same time. 

You can get the best quality and first class service, but you can't get both and still get the cheapest price.

Why? Because hairstylists and barbers have a lot of overhead, employees, products, leases, continuing education, etc.

If you find a beauty shop or stylist where the prices are “too good to be true” then trust me, they are cutting comers some where.

It's gonna show up in the quality of their services and products, or the customer service they provide, something has to suffer to give you those super low prices.

Real value is in all three: Quality, Service, And Price!

The most common problems you will have when you pick a stylist based on low prices are:

1.   Cheap hairstylist and barber salons don’t usually stand behind their work if there is a mistake. Sure, those stylists might charge you less, but how will they treat you when you are not happy?

The stylist who gives the cheapest price usually is inexperienced, with a license to practice, but little or no real-world skills. 

The cheap hairstylists & beauty shops also cut corners by using cheaper products. The end result is “you get half of what you pay for.”

And that little bit of change you save ends up costing you more in the long run, especially if you have to miss work or that special event because you’re home crying for 3 days after getting your hair “jacked up”. 

This goes back to that old saying “you get what you pay for...”

2. A hairstylist that offers the lowest prices often has to compensate for being cheap with quantity. Not quality. Your salon experience is anything but relaxing when you are being herded like a sheep waiting for your turn to be shaved and then sent on your way.

Stay Beautiful My Friends!

Do you live in the Jacksonville FL area and need black hair care services? Contact me here.

What people say about Darron's Beauty Shop.......

"I appreciate the benefit of knowing that my hair is being well taken care of and on top of all that, I'm in and out in a timely manner." - Janis

I've been a weekly client of Darron's  for 20 years because he takes pride in his work. He is very concerned about keeping your hair healthy, and most of all, he's flexible and on time for your appointment."  - Rhonda

"Love, Love,Love, Darron's Beauty Shop. While on meds and dealing with hormonal changes, my hair started thinning.

Darron patiently  worked with me to find products gentle enough for my hair during that time. He also researched vitamins and organic products I could use at home to help regain my fullness after the problem was identified." - Emily

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