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About Me

Being a beauty industry entrepreneur can give you the chance to run your own business, set your own schedule and live a pretty good life.

We tend to make it look easy, but being a business owner is hard work, but very well worth it.

After over 25 years I am blessed to still be here in the beauty & health industry.

 The 2 things that keep me passionate about being self  employed are:

1. Financial Freedom - knowing I am in an field in which I have the freedom to create my own schedule and basically my own economy.

2. Knowing that I must leave a legacy for my children and family to follow. 

The State Of The Hair Business

For many black hairstylists in the industry, profits have slowly declined.

Because of the emergence of the "Natural Hair Movement", many African American women are now embracing their natural hair textures and going chemical free.

Also, social media outlets like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook keep customers at home doing their own hair, make up, and beauty treatments.

That means they are not spending money in the salon like they did in the past, forcing many veteran self employed hairstylists to get jobs to supplement their incomes.

Therefore we, especially black beauty entrepreneurs, must learn to expand our business where the customers are, and that is online.

Every professional stylist and business owner large or small, should have a website to promote your business or service if you want to survive.

To be a profitable entrepreneur, you must continuously market your product or service. That should be the main purpose of your website.

Why I created Darron's Beauty

Because less than 2% of beauty professionals in the business actually retire from it, my mission and passion is to:

1. Teach aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs how to think and grow rich from the beauty & health industry or any other business venture you want to go after.

2. Introduce my audience to things I'm passionate about like financial literacy, natural health remedies, the hidden dangers of beauty products online, and some of the best anti aging products to help you live longer.

You see, If you live and stay in this business long enough, your body will endure some wear and tear.

Like the comedian Cat Williams says "once age jump's on you, it don't let up."

As I get older and wiser, I realize the importance of maintaining good health & anti aging diet plans.

Why? Because if you're not healthy you can't produce the wealth or when you get the wealth, you wont to be healthy enough to travel and enjoy it right?

Well then do yourself a favor and join me here online.

I won't just talk about natural beauty products, but other helpful things.

We'll cover topics like relationships & self improvement, work out routines, weight loss help, my favorite fashion accessories, ways to lower your blood pressure, and just about anything beauty & health related.

And yes, I'll even have health & beauty tips for men. Finally I get to talk to the men about man stuff!

So that's all I have to say about me, now I want to learn about you. Leave me a comment below, say hello!

I hope you check back often for new updates and join our newsletter. And as always, stay beautiful my friends!

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