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Black Hair Care Products: 4 Things To Get Your Hair Growing!

Natural black hair style

Searching for black hair care products to make your hair grow? There sure are a lot of them out there these days. Sadly, most are not effective.

There are several keys that will help you grow and keep long beautiful hair. Whether you prefer a natural or a straight look, we are here to help!

Many black hair care products are oils that you apply directly to each strand and massage into your scalp.

The oils help to prevent the strands from becoming frizzy. They basically replace your natural oils.

1. Essential Oils For Hair 

With the correct blend, essential oils for hair growth are the best choices. Why? Because they are the best at providing  your scalp and hair shaft with key nutrients.

I  use them  on my daughter’s hair and my clients too! Essential oils for hair are similar on a molecular level to your natural oils, so they are well-absorbed and don’t leave a greasy feeling.

2. Do You Shampoo Too Much With Non Organic Shampoos?

You may be shampooing too often. Non organic Shampoos strip away the hair’s naturally protective oils. Especially the ones that contain sulfates.

The outer layers become frayed and frizzy. You should be using a shampoo that is specifically designed to nourish & moisturize your hair.

Ideal for dehydrated, dull hair. This gentle, color-safe shampoo, enriched with extra-moisturizing Olive and Moringa Oils, and rich Quinoa effectively cleanses, while providing a boost of moisture and shine to help reveal silky, luminous hair. The creamy, soft lather smells and feels awesome!

3. The Best Black Hair Care Products: Nutrients.

What you put inside of your body makes as much of a difference as what you put on the outside. Some of the best black hair growth products are multi-nutritional supplements. Why? Human hairs are composed of simple proteins.

Your body makes the protein from amino acids. Amino acids are found in protein-rich foods and can also be found in some of the better dietary supplements.

Iodine is a trace mineral that regulates your thyroid gland. Healthy skin, hair and nails rely on a well-functioning thyroid gland.

PABA is another nutrient that is beneficial for hair loss and can help promote hair production.


In general, you want to give your hair a “break”. Let it rest for a while if you have been using straighteners, weaves or extensions.

Weaves and extensions are very popular when it comes to black women hairstyles, and so is the hair damage!

While they may be very convenient, gorgeous, and stylish, the tension on the scalp from the weaves puts a strain on your hair-producing follicles and actually discourages natural growth. Some people can end up with bald spots or traction alopecia as a result.

I know for some women giving your hair a break from your weave requires patience but it’s worth the effort. You could always consider wearing a wig while you give your natural hair a break.

You may need several different black hair growth products to get the results you want. Just be sure that your body gets the nutritional support it needs to grow new hairs.

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