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Men & Sex After 50; What You And Your Woman Should Know About It!

Sex after 50 is often surrounded by a myriad of not so positive myths. Hopefully I can shed some positive light on this topic. Some people say its all down hill after age 40.

Well, I tend to disagree with that because physical intimacy and satisfaction often depends on the couple.

In the past, lots of men 50 and over used to give up on sex and when women hit menopause,  "game over" .

Thank goodness that's no longer the case in these modern times where people are more open to discussing this matter.

Believe it or not, sex can be better than ever when you hit middle age and beyond.

How can sex be better you ask? Getting older also means you are getting wiser. Maturity brings more experience to your  lovemaking.

You have more time to really explore and experiment with each other on a more personal level again because

1. your kids are now adults and have moved out of the house to do their own thing.

2. Now that you're older, you don't have to work as hard building a career and dealing with life's day to day stress.

3. There are all kinds of  aids and herbal supplements that enhance a man's sexual performance, lovely message oils, and toys that can help get the fire lit for both of you. (more on that later!)

Why Some People Give Up On Sex.

In today's society, everything is geared toward youth and vitality, thus perpetuating the idea that the sex life of people 50 and older is dull and non existent.

Thus when people reach that certain age of maturity, they naturally have a tendency to just give up on intimacy and sex.

When It comes to sex after 50, you may not be hitting the ball out of the park, but an "in the park home run" is just as exciting if not more!

As we gracefully age, your body will endure physiological changes that will change your normal sexual function.

The only bad thing about this is people mistakenly tend to think that their wonderful world of sex has come to an end. This definitely does not have to be the case.

Problem's Men Encounter With Age

The first thing men notice as they get older is that their soldier doesn't instantly stand at attention with visual stimulation.

Some people (men and women) take this as a sign that their sex life is done when this happens. NOT! This just means that it's going to require more direct stimulation from your partner.

(Hello women, are you listening?)

That sad part about this is men tend to get embarrassed and they try to avoid having sex until they can muster up a spontaneous erection.

Men worry that their woman is going to think that they have a serious sexual problem.

Fact: As men get older, they require more to time to recover between ejaculations. Some men over the age 60 need a full day or even several days between ejaculations.

This doesn't mean that you can't have a good intimate, sexy time in between.

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Fact: Another problem that comes into play with couples is that they think that it is absolutely mandatory that you both have a climax.

The man definitely feels that he has to have one and if he doesn't, his woman will think that he does not find her to be attractive or stimulating anymore.

Lack of lubrication is a problem for older women and erectile dysfunction is a problem for men.

These are minor stumbling blocks that men and women encounter and can be treated. Don't hesitate to talk it over with your doctor. Don't be embarrassed, it's all good.

There are many factors that enter the equation when facing sexual problems.  Medications, alcohol and major illness may be causing a lack of sexual desire. 

Again, all are potentially treatable and should be taken to your physician. 

The Best Tool To Use For Sex After 50

The best tool any couple can put to use in their sexual relationship is the brain. (bet you thought i was going to tell you about a sex toy didn't you? Maybe later! Wink...Wink.)

Use your brain wisely and there is no reason why older players like me and you that are 50, 60, 70, and over should not have a healthy sexual relationship with their partner. 

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