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5 Reasons Cheap Costume Jewelry Is Just Inexpensive, Not Cheap!

Cheap costume jewelry has an unfair advantage of being called “cheap jewelry ” when it is actually just inexpensive.

Because designers don’t have to worry so much about controlling final costs, they can experiment and create the clunky, oversize, whimsical pieces that so delight the eye. 

Well who doesn’t like to dress up to the nines every once in a while? But buying precious metals and jewels that match your outfit can very nearly land you in the poorhouse right?

Instead of foregoing your night on the town, why not forget about “real” jewelry and consider costume jewelry as a tasteful alternative? 

It is an inexpensive and attractive alternative to buying less-affordable—and often less interesting—jewelry made from precious stones and metals.

What's Difference Between Cheap Costume Jewelry And Fashion Costume Jewelry?

There are actually two looks prominent today in modern costume jewelry. The first is the bulky, geometric shapes that catch the eye and are so much fun to pair with dozens of outfits. 

During the past recession, however, another line of jewelry has evolved. This offers simple designs and “warm” colors. It is created to reduce your own stress level as well as the stress levels of the people who deal with you. 

Fashion Jewelry - is your fun jewelry, when you want to make eye catching vibrant fashion statement or when you want to dress up a certain outfit.

It allows you to be able to wear a variety of the latest and hottest fashion styles without having to invest a lot of money in something you might not wear after the trend is out.

Costume Jewelry - dates back hundreds of years and it was created to look just like expensive jewelry it gave women the option to be able to wear their jewelry and look gorgeous everyday without having to worry about loosing breaking an expensive piece.

In Place of Diamonds, Rubies, and Emeralds…

Do you love to wear beautiful stones? Most of us do, but aside from very special occasions, like an engagement or a big anniversary, diamonds are a bit out of our budgets.

You can say what you want, but so called cheap costume jewelry offers attractive replacements for precious gems like crystal, rhinestone, and Venetian glass.

A talented jeweler can create a piece so visually stunning that even an experienced appraiser may have to take a second look before realizing the jewels are “fake.”

Crystal, rhinestone, and Venetian glass are also fun to wear because they come in such a dazzling array of colors.

You can choose a single color for the authentic look, or you can buy a necklace that glitters with all the colors of the rainbow. It’s up to you.

If You’ve Ever Wanted Long Ear Lobes…

Some of the most popular pieces of costume jewelry are huge, clunky-looking hoop and chandelier earrings. Some of them are so long and elaborate that they nearly brush the shoulders of the person wearing them.

Quite frankly, they look painful. If you try them on, however, you’ll realize that they’re so lightweight that you’re likely to forget that you’re wearing them at all…aside from that soft jingling in your ear.

Is Cheap Costume Jewelry Green - Friendly?

If you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll be delighted to know that many pieces of "cheap costume jewelry" are about as green-friendly as you can get.

Many pieces are made with recycled beads and glass—and those beads and glass pieces were frequently made from recycled paper.

By purchasing recycled jewelry, you can look amazing and help save the planet and preserve our natural resources.

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