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Irish Sea Moss Is One Of The Best Natural Nutrients And Here's Why.

Irish sea moss is another wonderful gift from nature that is absolutely great for your health and beauty. So how does it benefit your body and why is it so sought after in these days and times?  

Why Is Irish Sea Moss So Vital For your Health And Where Does It Come From?

Well Irish sea moss contains 92 of 102 minerals that your body needs to run smoothly and function properly. Sea moss grows in the Atlantic ocean and is usually harvested in the Caribbean.

If you know someone from Jamaica, St.Lucia, or Antigua, they probably know about sea moss. It is one of the most easiest, rapid, and  most effective  ways to reverse malnutrition  in the body.

If you are familiar with DR. Sebi he always stated that there is only one disease and that is mucus. Mucus builds up in the body and that causes inflammation and other debilitating conditions in the body.

So since we live in a holistic body, reducing or eliminating the mucus is going to change you from a disease plagued life and body to the ultimate in well being & mental clarity.

The Benefits Of Using Irish Sea Moss

Sea Moss is known for doing all these things and more!

  • Boosts your immune system
  • Gets rid of mucus in the body. 
  • Sea moss helps you digest food better
  • Supports sexual health
  • Heals and soothes mucus membranes in the body including the respiratory and digestive system
  • Great for gut health & getting rid of bad bacteria
  • Eases joint pain
  • Fights infections
  • Supports heart health & delivers oxygen to the tissues in the body more efficiently
  • Helps control appetite
  • Helps with thyroid function
  • Boost energy, helps with mental and emotional health because of the magnesium and potassium 
  • Use as a beauty mask for your face & fighting acne
  • Another great benefit of sea moss is that you can put it in just about anything!
  • Put it in smoothies, you can bake with it, put it in stews, soups and natural fresh juices.

Sea moss is packed with potassium chloride, omega 3 fatty acids and chlorophyll which are all responsible for aiding in dissolving inflammation and mucus trapped in the respiratory system. The perfect natural decongestant that helps boost your health & wellness!

So if you guys and gals would like to experience Irish sea moss for yourself,  you can purchase from me by contacting me directly by email at or Phone @ 904 705 1923.