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10 Natural Black Hair Care Tips For Beautiful & Massive Hair Growth!

natural black hair care madisonNatural Black Hair Care Tips

Natural black hair care tips are so in demand now that women of color  are embracing their natural textures. Nothing looks quite as good as natural black hair when it is properly nourished and cared for!

On the other hand, nothing looks quite as bad as black hair when it is limp and lifeless.

These 10 Natural black hair care tips will help you grow a head of hair you can be proud to show off.

1. Eat a proper diet.

Make sure you get plenty of protein, more than 60 grams per day, if possible, or your hair may start to thin out. Other hair-healthy foods include zinc, selenium, vitamins B, C, and E, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables.

bio nutrition hair vitaminsBiotin For Hair Growth

It’s also important for you to drink at least eight glasses of water—or some other non-sugary, non-caffeinated drink every day.

2. Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet—you’ll only make it frizzy and impossible to style.

nuway 4hair venting detangling brushNuWay 4Hair Circular Venting Detangling Double C Brush

Brushing is fine when your hair is dry. In fact, brushing helps distribute the oils from your scalp throughout your hair to keep it strong and healthy.

Most women are comfortable using a boar bristle brush, but ask your stylist what type of brush will work best with your hair.

And by the way—that business about brushing your hair one hundred strokes a day is an old wives’ tale. Just brush it until it is tangle free and has a slight shine.

3. Be gentle with tangles.

Tangled hair madison baby fro

Ripping through them with a comb or a brush is not a sign of courage. Besides, pulling hard on snarls can damage your hair.

Beauty tip trick; using a leave-in conditioner can help avoid tangles altogether. If you do come across one, approach it from the bottom up and un-snare it a few strands at a time.

Remember, if you’re pulling at it hard enough to bring tears to your eyes, you’re pulling too hard.

4. It’s not really your hair that needs to be washed; It’s your scalp.

shampoo hair and scalp

When you shampoo, start at the top of your head and massage the shampoo into your scalp. Then work it down through the rest of your hair. Speaking of shampooing, you don’t need to do it every day.

Once a week is fine, unless your hair is sweaty, dirty, smelly, or otherwise in need of cleansing. (By the way, when you put conditioner on your hair, start from the bottom and work your way up.)

5. Wear a swimming cap.

Salt isn’t good for hair period! Neither are harsh chemicals like chlorine. Wearing a swimming cap can also keep tangles from forming in the water.

Other outdoor beauty tips include wearing a hat to protect your scalp from getting sunburned and brushing your hair as soon as you come in from the outdoors.

6. Trim your hair on a regular basis.

When you’re trying to grow your hair out, it’s a good idea to trim off about half an inch every month or so. This gets rid of the split ends and promotes healthy hair growth.

Hair growth can be a long process, and it’s normal to be tempted to tell your stylist to “take it all off.” Resist that temptation. You’ll hate yourself in the morning.

7. Don’t expose your hair to direct heat through curling irons, flat irons, or hair dryers.

Flat irons tammy

The easiest of these hair care tips; If you must use irons on your hair, ask your stylist to recommend a heat-resistant spray to minimize the damage.

8. Protect your hair.

Head scarf

Protecting your hair, especially at night, is crucial. Invest in a silk or satin pillowcase or headscarf to reduce friction while sleeping. Also, consider protective styles like braids or twists that tuck away the ends of your hair, reducing the chance of breakage.

9. Invest In The Right Beauty Products For Your Hair Type

Beauty products

Look out for hair products that contain natural ingredients. Avoid those with harsh chemicals like sulfates or parabens that can strip your hair of its natural oils.

10. Let Your Hair Hang loose.

Twist out natural hair madison

Except for special occasions, don’t twist your hair into uncomfortably tight buns or other styles.

Your hair will sustain less damage if you let it all hang down…or, if you can’t resist, choose a style that leaves your hair as loose and free as possible. Hope these beauty tips help.

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