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Are Organic Skin Care Products Really Worth The Price?  

Organic skin care products may be worth the price. If you’re a smart shopper and you don’t mind reading ingredients labels, you should find that organics actually make your skin look and feel better.

They could even improve your skin’s health. Here are some of the things to look for when you are shopping.

           Look For Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural fragrances. They are less irritating and less likely to contain alcohols that can dry your skin. Buying organic essential oils helps to reduce your exposure to pesticides, which are prevalent in the environment.

Most growers spray the plants with bug killer. Bug killer is not just bad for the environment. It could be bad for your long-term health. Some evidence indicates that exposure to those toxins leads to fertility problems, birth defects and cellular damage that could cause cancer.

Be aware that essential oils are not hypoallergenic. If you have fragrance allergies, you may not be able to use all kinds of essential oils. The best advice for a person with allergies is to patch test any new product on an inconspicuous area. Wait at least 24 hours to see if there is any redness or irritation.

Look For Shea Butters, As Multipurpose Organic Skin Care Products.

Shea butter can be considered a nutraceutical. Nutraceuticals are foods (Shea butter is a popular food in some countries) that have pharmaceutical benefits or activity. They aren’t like drugs or even herbal remedies.

It is the nutrients that provide the health benefits. In some cases, the benefit cannot be tied to a single nutrient. It seems that all of the nutrients in Shea butter combine to improve the skin’s health.

The butter may be beneficial for dry skin, psoriasis, acne, eczema and many other problems.

Choosing organic skin care products containing Shea butter is a good idea. But non-organic Shea butter may be okay. The butter comes from a nut. The shells are believed to prevent the nuts and nut oils from becoming contaminated with pesticides or chemicals in fertilizers.

     Look For Organic Witch Hazel

Organic skin products containing witch hazel are good to keep around. Witch hazel is a soothing astringent that is good to use on shaving nicks or minor cuts. The natural herbal remedy works against fungal infections too.

Too much witch hazel can be drying. Many of the witch hazel products on today’s market also contain alcohol, which is very drying. One of the best organic products to use when it comes to witch hazel is Thayers with rose petals. It's a brand I carry in my salon.

So,you see you still have to be selective even if the label states that the product is an organic skin product. If you choose carefully, organics are worth the money.

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